I took a gymnastics class today for the first time since I was 16(?)… aka it’s been a decent 7+ years and I learned a few things:

1) Using the excuse that you’re “too old” to do certain things is soOoOoO silly.

Last year I was a nanny for 2 kids in DC. At every sports practice I took them to, I used to sit on the side lines, jealous, feeling secretly a little sorry for myself, because I was “too old” and “too out of shape” to play anymore. I remember taking Zoe to gymnastics so many times and feeling so nostalgic… like I had had this long, hard breakup with the sport or something. Gymnastics was my life for over 12 years. I really missed having that passion more than I had realized. If only someone had told me sooner how silly I looked for being so jealous of her and not doing anything about it. I should have started this a year ago ~regrets~

2) NYC is full of so SO many amazing people… you just need to step out of your comfort zone to meet them.

In a single hour and a half long class, I made so many friends. And it was soOoO easy because we had something in common to bond over. There’s an immediate feeling of camaraderie when you’re all brought together by a similar appreciation. It felt like I was part of a team the minute I stepped on the floor. People clapped for you, they encouraged you, they helped you get better. It’s so awesome to just fall into a group like that without even trying.

3) One friend is all you need when you’re afraid to put yourself out there.

I’m pretty shy when I’m by myself. Put me in an environment filled with strangers and you’ll be lucky if I say a word the whole time. My friend and I agreed to go to the class together tonight and it made a world of difference in me. Having her there gives me the confidence to be myself.

4) Finding something you like to do feels GOOD

I haven’t felt this good after working out since I was a kid. Good like emotionally good. Like endorphins flowing, adrenaline still pumping, good. I’m in so much pain but I can’t stop smiling. Everything you’re stressed about literally disappears when you’re working out and actually ENJOYING it.


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