Pride Month: Tierney

The writer of this post, Tierney, is someone I’ve been following on social media for quite some time now. I remember when I first stumbled upon his Instagram, I was immediately in awe of his willingness to be so vulnerable and genuinely himself. My description may not do him justice, but his social media just conveys such a great balance of passion and happiness, mixed with honesty and struggle that I find so real and beautiful.
Here are a few of Tierney’s posts that I especially love:
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Regardless though, I’m going to take a shot in the dark and say those posts are probably hard to read as screenshots so I highly suggest following him on Instagram here!!! I promise that you will be captivated too.
Needless to say, I knew I had to reach out to Tierney to write for my blog this month.
When I first approached this project, I felt that it was especially important for every collaborator to feel entitled to their own creative freedom. The general idea for these posts, as you will see, is the meaning of the word “pride”. But aside from that, I told each writer that they could express their ideas and feelings in whatever way(s) they wanted.
Some of these posts, like yesterday’s for example, will be coming out stories. Some will be about feelings or experiences or memories related to the LGBTQ+ community. Some will be happy. Some will be sad. And some of them will be like Tierney’s, abstract and creative, yet all the while, just as important.
Check out Tierney’s feelings on “pride” here: 
To start this off, I am sort of lost for words on how to describe pride so instead, I’m just going to try to express the feeling of pride.
Have you ever stuck your head out the window and closed your eyes, just to feel the wind in your hair? That feeling of just letting go and not having a single care in the world. Like taking that first lick of ice cream on a super hot day; it rushes your body and creates a feeling of satisfaction. Now close your eyes and imagine laying in the middle of a field, with the grass outlining your body, and a very light breeze of wind playing with your hair. All the sudden, a crisp feeling touches your cheek and you can sense that it’s the sun, as it pierces through the clouds and gently touches your face once again to greet you with a hello.  The warmth consumes your body and your breathing begins to slow to make one deep breath. You are finding that peaceful bliss place.
This is what Pride feels like to me.
It is a very strong emotion and it gives you a sense of strength.  I believe that is exactly how our community works as well. We are a whole, and when together, we create a sense of strength. It can become emotional because you know you will always have someone fighting on your side, regardless of what you believe in, where you come from, or how you identify. It is truly such a wonderful feeling. It is Pride.
Happy Pride Month,