I have listened to a lot of podcasts and I am running out of one’s that I enjoy. So naturally the first idea I jump to is: I should start one???

L O L if only it was that easy. But in all seriousness…should I?? 

I listen to a lot of really awesome podcasts. Some that I listen to are just about interesting unsolved crimes/mysteries/etc (ie: Criminal, Serial, Undisclosed, Unsolved Murders). A lot are just interviews with people I find interesting (ie: Anna Faris in Unqualified, Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig, Zall Good with Alexis G. Zall, Off Camera with Sam Jones), And some are just about life, emotions, and the issues we all may encounter (ie: Beautiful//Anonymous, Mental Illness Happy Hour).  

There are SO many other genres of podcasts out there that I didn’t even list (and many that I listen to that I didn’t even mention), but my point is: PODCASTS ARE COOL AND INTERESTING AND I THINK I HAVE SOME GOOD IDEAS.

Is that narcissistic of me? What if the reason I want to start the podcast is because I want my friends voices to be heard via interviews? 

I want to actually think harder about this idea because it could be v cool. ok 


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